Poster Presentations

  1. "A Multi- and few-layer graphene growth on Si(100) by pulsed laser deposition", Saidjafarzoda Ilhom
  2. "Bistable Vibration Energy Harvester as a MEMS Device", Masoud Derakhshani
  3. "Elastic Modulus Dependence on Surface Volume Ratio in Micro Silicon Resonators", Ji-Tzuoh Lin
  4. "Experimental Study of Novel Untethered Light-driven Micro-robots", Danming Wei
  5. "Investigation of Ultrasound- Assisted Techniques on Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of FDM Products:  Modeling &  Experiment", Alireza Tofangchi
  6. "Laminated Perovskite Solar Cells Compatible with Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing", Blake Martin
  7. "Laser-Induced Hydrogen Generation from Coal", Khomidkhodzha Kholikov
  8. "Low-Temperature and Fast Kinetics for CO2 Adsorption using Li6WO6 Nanowires", Muhammad Zain Akram
  9. "Morphologies and Coarsening of Quantum Nanoislands on Annealed Metal Surfaces", Mikhail Khenner
  10. "The Effects of Photo-Activated Graphene Quantum Dots on Bacterial Deactivation", Khomidkhodzha Kholikov
  11. "Compressive Beam for a Bistable MEMS Memory Element", Ana Alba
  12. "A Piezoresistive MEMS Memory Device Using a Buckled Beam", Jerry Yang
  13. "Teaching Nanomanufacturing Principles Through a Concentrated Hands-on Solar Cell Fabrication Experience", Jerry Yang
  14. "Material and Structure Design for Anti-HIV Drug Delivery Devices using FFF 3D Printing", Corinne Warlick
  15. "Microfabricated Sensors for Detection of Trace VOC's", Josh Brodzik
  16. "Isomotive Dielectrophoresis for Particle Analysis", Lincoln Curry
  17. "Electrical Transport Properties of 3D Hybrid Perovkites", Jack Wei
  18. "Experimental and Simulation Studies on Electrothermal Microactuators", John Ronkainen
  19. "MEMS Origami for Energy Harvesting at Soft Surfaces", Canisha Ternival
  20. "Fabrication of Nanoscale Columnar Diodes by Glancing Angle Deposition", Jacob Weightman
  21. "Understanding the Role of Nanoparticle Assembly Method and Electrode Material on the Electrochemically-Determined Surface Area-to-Volume Ratio", Jay Sharma 
  22. "Sintering of Metal Nanoparticles through Repetitive Electrochemical Oxidation-reduction Cycles", Badri P Mainali
  23. "Exploring the Unique Electrochemical and Chemical Reactivity of Sub 2 nm Diameter Catalytic Au NPs", Dhruba K. Pattadar