November 1, 2018

Job ID: 36126

Location: J.B. Speed School of Engineering, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, USA.

Post Doc Research Position in Micro/Nano/Additive Manufacturing


Position Description

The NSF NNCI KY Multiscale site at the University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering is seeking a postdoctoral applicant interested in research involving MEMS, nanotechnology and additive manufacturing. The candidate will train and serve as the lead on several exciting research initiatives under the supervision and direction of Dr. Kevin Walsh.  One initiatives will involve the use of glancing angle deposition (GLAD) to produce large arrays of active devices.  Another initiative will involve the design and implementation of an advanced manufacturing system for integrating micro/nanotechnology devices and elements into additive manufactured parts and structures.  The candidate will also work with the cleanroom staff to develop new educational modules for a condensed microfab experience for external users.  It is also likely that the new hire will serve as a technical resource from time to time for other ongoing research projects at our NNCI site. We are seeking an independent, dedicated, hard-working individual with an appropriate background in microfabrication, nanotechnology and MEMS, plus the motivation to become skilled in the areas of additive manufacturing and 3D printing. Excellent communication, teamwork and organizational skills are essential. This is a term appointment and has fixed end dates. The total duration of this postdoctoral service may not exceed seven years.


Minimum Qualifications

This position requires a PhD in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or physics.

The successful candidate should have extensive hands-on cleanroom previous exposure with both fabrication and characterization tools, such as lithography, thin-film deposition, etching, profilometry, microscopy, etc.  Knowledge of mask layout, process/device modeling and 3D printing is also desired.


To Apply

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