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Seminar - Dr. Larry Holloway, State Director, KY DOE EPSCoR

Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research &

The Micro/Nano Technology Center

are pleased to host

Dr. Larry Holloway


State Director, Kentucky DOE EPSCoR

University of Kentucky

Kentucky DOE EPSCoR:  Growing Energy Research and Collaborative Networks in Kentucky

Presentation & Discussion

Friday, March 11, 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Ernst Hall Room 212


The DOE-EPSCoR program is a program of the US Department of Energy to stimulate competitive research in selected states. The state KY-DOE-EPSCoR program is responsible for coordinating submissions from the state of Kentucky to the national DOE EPSCoR program, and more broadly for encouraging competitive energy-related research in Kentucky. 


At the beginning of this seminar, a brief presentation will overview the national DOE EPSCoR program and the goals of the KY-DOE EPSCoR program to grow more energy-related research in the state. After the presentation, the seminar will move to a discussion format. Attendees will be asked to introduce themselves and briefly summarize their research areas. A discussion will then consider ways the KY-DOE EPSCoR program can encourage collaborative energy-related research networks and facilitate more competitive energy-related research activity in the state.


Biography:  Larry Holloway is State Director of Kentucky DOE EPSCoR. He also is Director of the University of Kentucky Power and Energy Institute (PEIK), a program created through a series of grants from the US Department of Energy. He currently serves as chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and was formerly the Director of the UK Center for Manufacturing. He received his BS degree from Southern Methodist University and his Masters and PhD degrees from Carnegie Mellon University. 


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