July 31- August 1, 2019

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Workshops Day July 30, 2019

Microfluidics Fabrication Workshop – hosted by Micro/Nano Technology Center

3D Printing with Metals Workshop – hosted by RPC/AMCC

Roll to Roll Manufacturing Workshop – hosted by Conn Center


Symposium topics and sessions include the following:

  • Micro/nanotechnological advances and applications

  • Additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies and applications

  • MEMS and sensors

  • Microfluidics

  • 2D materials and devices

  • Energy

  • Healthcare

  • Semiconductors and electronics

  • What is the co-creation innovation model?

  • University co-op and internship programs

  • University capstone design projects

  • Addressing intellectual property with academia

  • Successful collaboration examples between industry and academia

  • Accessing university core facilities

  • What is the NSF NNCI and how can it help you?

  • Successful regional start-up examples in the nano/AM space

  • City and state initiatives to leverage related to nano/AM

  • Innovative educational and outreach programs

  • What does the future hold in the nano/AM space?

KY Nano AM Symposium_Vertical_4C.png

ABOUT The Nano+AM Symposium

The 2019 KY Nano+AM Symposium is an annual event dedicated to bring together researchers/users in the advanced manufacturing fields of additive manufacturing and micro/nanotechnology to discuss new findings, share results, showcase capabilities, generate ideas, debate the future, and network with one another. The 2019 Nano/AM Symposium is open to all scientists, engineers, and students from a variety of disciplines including microtechnology, nanotechnology, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, healthcare, energy, advanced materials, MEMS, biotechnology, commercial products, defense, and nano-education. The goal of the symposium is to strengthen the collaboration between industry and academia in the above targeted areas.  Participants will hear exciting presentations about the latest nano/AM technologies, learn about existing state-of-the-art core facilities available to the public, and discuss ways that industry can access a wide variety of academic resources, including their most valuable resource – creative, hard-working students.  The 3-day symposium agenda will consist of a workshop day on AM and Nanotechnology, followed by a 2 day conference with parallel sessions for both industry and academia, several joint keynote presentations, poster presentations, sponsorship opportunities, food and refreshments, core facility tours, and a valuable evening networking reception.











KY Nano AM Symposium_Vertical_4C.png