July 31 - August 1, 2019

Program Schedule

Venue: Swain Student Activities Center - Herman and Heddy Kurz Pavilion, 2100 S. Floyd St. Louisville, KY 40208 University of Louisville, Kentucky 40208

DAY 1 - July 31, 2019


8:00 AM

Introduction and Kickoff

Assoc Dean Kevin Walsh, Symposium General Chair

Dean Emmanuel Collins, Speed School of Engineering

Assoc Dean John Balk, UK Engineering

Dr. Shamus McNamara, Symposium Technical Chair

8:30 AM



Dr. Philip Rack, The University of Tennessee - Knoxville

“Nanoscale Focused Electron and Ion Beam Induced Processing: Extending 3d Printing to the Nanoscale”

9:00 AM

Session 1A: Additive Manufacturing Part I

9:45 AM - “Powder Packing and Thermal Conductivity in Selective Laser Melting” - by Dr. Shanshan Zhang

10:05 AM - “Mechanical Properties and Functionalities of 3D Printed Architected Metamaterials” by Dr. Yanyu Chen

10:25 AM - “Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of Laser – Powder Bed Fusion Processed Duplex Stainless Steel” by Arulselvan Arumugham Akilan

Session 1B: Technology Opportunities

9:45 AM - Kentucky Economic Development - by Brian Mefford

10:05 AM - Louisville Forward by Mary Ellen Wiederwohl

10:25 AM - Engineering Capstone Projects for Industry by Erica Gabbard

9:45 AM

(Concurrent Sessions A&B)

10:45 AM


11:00 AM

(Concurrent Sessions A&B)

Session 2A: Cool MEMS Devices & Structures Part I

11:00 AM - “Advanced Microelectronics Collaboration: Quilt Packaging® and Bio-MEMS Integration by Indiana Integrated Circuits at MNTC” - Jason M. Kulick

11:20 AM -Mass Production Rate Manufacturing of Polymer NanoFilms into Ultraflexible Suspended NEMS/MEMS Structures by Dr. Robert W. Cohn

11:40 AM - Developing MEMS Bistable Actuatorsby Dr. Dilan Ratnayake

Session 2B: Manufacturing Core Facilities Part I

11:00 AM - GE First Build - by Larry Portaro

11:20 AM - MNTC/Huson by Dr. Julia Aebersold

11:40 AM - UK CeNSE/Nanoscribe by Dr. Jillian Cramer


Flash Poster Presentations

12:00 PM


Dr. Harold Sears, Ford Motor Company

“Additive Manufacturing @ Ford - Moving Beyond Prototypes”

1:30 PM

Session 3A: Materials for Nanotechnology Part I

2:15 PM - "A Computer Engineering Approach To Design For 3D-Printing Manufacturability" by Dr. Hank Dietz

2:35 PM - “Intercalation-Induced Phenomena in Layered and 2D Materials” by Dr. Jacek B. Jasinski

2:55 PM - Solid-Liquid-Vapor Etching of Negative Nanowires and Vapor-Liquid-Solid Metal Oxide Composite Materialsby Alexandra J. Riddle

Session 3B: Manufacturing Core Facilities Part II

2:15 PM - AMIST by Tim Gornet

2:35 PM - UK EMC by Dr. Nicolas Briot

2:55 PM - Conn Center by Dr. Thad Druffel

2:15 PM

(Concurrent Sessions A&B)

Panel Discussion: Open Innovation


3:15 PM



4:00 PM

Tours (MNTC, GE First Build, RPC, Conn Center)

Evening Reception, Poster Session, and Networking

6:30 PM - Welcome Reception Remarks by Mayor Greg Fisher