July 31 - August 1, 2019

Program Schedule

Venue: Swain Student Activities Center - Herman and Heddy Kurz Pavilion, 2100 S. Floyd St. Louisville, KY 40208 University of Louisville, Kentucky 40208

DAY 2 - August 1, 2019


8:00 AM


8:30 AM


Edward Kinzel, University of Notre Dame

“Additive Manufacturing of Glass and Scalable Sub-Micron Surface Patterning”

8:45 AM

Session 4A: Bioengineering and Life Sciences

9:30 AM - “Synergistic Activity of Antiretrovirals co-administered with Q-GRFT Against HIV-1” by Farnaz Minooei

9:50 AM - “Effect of Acoustofluidic Flow on Intracellular Molecular Delivery” by Connor S. Centner

10:10 AM - “DNA-mediated Hierarchical 3D Superstructures of Anisotropic Gold Nanoprisms” by Emtias Chowdhury

10:30 AM - “Development and Optimization of Dual Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for Glioblastoma Therapies” by Nicholas Allen

Session Chairs 4A: Tommy Roussel & Stuart Williams

Session 4B: Cool MEMS Devices and Structures Part II

9:30 AM - “Commercialization Opportunities with the University” by Kayla N. Meisner

9:50 AM - “Electronic Glaucoma Drainage Device” by Saliya Kirigeegagage

10:10 AM - “Glancing Angle Deposition for Nanoporous Membranes” by Chuang Qu

10:30 AM - “Analysis of Carbonyls in Exhaled Breath of Smokers and Nonsmokers By A Microreactor Approach” by Zhenzhen Xie

Session Chairs 4B: George Lin & Glenn Edelen

9:30 AM

(Concurrent Sessions A&B)

10:50 AM


11:00 AM

(Concurrent Sessions A&B)

Session 5A: Additive Manufacturing Part II

11:00 AM - “Low Cost Additive Manufacturing Economic & Environmental Comparison with Conventional Injection Molding by Eric Wooldridge

11:20 AM - “A 3D Printed Microfluidic Mixing Chamber” by Alexa M. Melvin

11:40 AM - “Optimizing additive manufacturing of NiTi” by Sayed Ehsan Saghaian

Session Chairs 5A: Li Yang & Ed Tacket

Session 5B: Cool MEMS Devices & Structures Part III

11:00 AM - “Old Technology New Application: Applying Thermal Inkjet Technology to Emerging Fields” by Glenn Edelen

11:20 AM - “ChevBot: An Innovative Laser Driven Locomotive Microrobot” by Zhong Yang

11:40 AM - “Design and Fabrication of Micro Structures toward Non-volatile Mechanical Memory Devices” by Ji-Tzuoh Lin

Session Chairs 5B: Yanyu Chen & Robert Cohn


Poster Award Presentations

12:00 PM


Placid Ferreira, U. of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign

“Exploiting Micro & Nanoscale Phenomena for Developing New Manufacturing Capability at Small Dimensional Scale”

1:30 PM

Session 6A: Additive Manufacturing Part III

2:15 PM - “A Little Variation Makes a Big Difference: Effect of Composition on Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed 17-4 PH Stainless Steel” by Thomas Starr

2:35 PM - “Tailoring the properties of NiTiHf through selective laser melting process parameters” by Guher P. Toker

2:55 PM - “Metal Fused Filament Fabrication (MF3) of Bronze” by Mohammad Qasim Shaikh

Session Chairs 6A: Eric Wooldridge & Nick Okruch

Session 6B: Materials for Nanotechnology Part II

2:15 PM - “Determining the Structure and Stability of Thermoelectric La3-xTe4-Ni Composites using High-Resolution and In-Situ TEM” by M. P. Thomas

2:35 PM - “In situ Transmission Electron Microscopy Studies of Metal to Insulator Transition in Tungsten Doped Vanadium Dioxide (V1-xWxO2, x= 0.0, 0.01)” by Ahamed Ullah

2:55 PM - “Adsorption and Opto-electronic Properties of Phosphorene” by Manthila Rajapakse

Session Chairs 6B: Jacek Jasinski & Thad Druffel

2:15 PM

(Concurrent Sessions A&B)

Panel Discussion: Investors Panel

3:15 PM